About Kim

Kim Ebert-Colella founded Body Sacred in Tacoma, WA in 1991. Kim has a deep passion for helping others to birth their spirit and to live life fully. She has been privileged to witness the diverse expression of the Spirit through several life experiences. Kim ministered to both the elderly and teens as a Jesuit Volunteer; traveled to Calcutta to experience the work of Mother Theresa; joined a delegation of women to witness the AIDS pandemic in South Africa; assisted over 25 women in giving birth, and helped others prepare for their deaths. Such experiences have fostered in her a deep awe and respect for each phase of life. Kim is a licensed massage therapist, practicing since 1987, a reiki practitioner, photographer, author, professional doula, wellness coach, mother, wife and philanthropist.

Kim has a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the College of St. Benedict and a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree from Seattle University with an emphasis in Spirituality.  She studied Massage Therapy at Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics and was licensed by the state of Washington as a licensed Massage Practitioner in 1987.

Kim is the recipient of the 1992 Decade Award from the college of St. Benedict, the 2013 Alumni of Distinction award  from Hill- Murray High School and the 2010 Laureate of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize.  Her mission is to be an evocator of the Sacred and to help others celebrate its magnificence in themselves, their relationships and their world.

“My message to my clients is simply this:
You are good,
You are Beautiful,
You are Holy.
Step onto the path of your dream.”

-Kim Ebert-Colella