Kim’s focus in her coaching practice is to guide you in the journey home to yourself.

Coaching with Kim can help you:

  • Shift the ways that you’ve been thinking about challenges.
  • Develop the skills, confidence, and tools you need to liberate your truth.
  • Identify what truly brings you deep joy and purpose.
  • Move forward in your life with enhanced clarity, power and joy.

“Sing in me a new song so beautiful and true,
That the old, slow tune of my past existence
No longer resonates in this new place of myself.

Breathe in me the story of my life path with such force
That it takes my breathe away and I gulp…
I gulp into this new reality of me fully lived”

-Kim Ebert-Colella

Coaching Testimonial

“Kim accepts people whoever they are and at whatever level he or she seeks healing help.  Over the years I have been blessed by Kim’s massages, her encouragement to pursue many opportunities to learn more about myself, her ability to teach what could be complex concepts  so they came alive for me, a facilitator for a weight loss group, and most recently as a life coach.  She truly serves as a guide to me during the most difficult and most joyous times of my life.
If you are looking for someone who

  • truly listens to your needs
  • has absolute trust in your ability to make healthy choices for yourself
  • lives her life in ways that stay true to her most deeply held beliefs and helps you do the same,

I know you will find Kim to be an amazing healer and guide.”


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