Peace Education

“If there is to be real peace in the world,
we must start with our own self.
The spiral of peace begins here in our own person
giving us the grounding we need to be an agent for peace
in our home, our relationships, our neighborhood, our world. “

-Kim Ebert-Colella

Kim Ebert-Colella provides consultation for schools, youth groups and organizations that want to create or deepen their focus on peace and she provides guidance for becoming an International Peace Site. Kim is committed to doing her part to create a more peaceful world. Her peace work started in 1984 as a Jesuit Volunteer. In 1988 and 1989 she led immersion trips for high school students from the Pacific Northwest to work in the barrios of Tiquana, Mexico. In 1991, Kim spent 6 weeks working in Calcutta, India with developmentally disabled adults as well as working in Mother Theresa’s home for the dying and destitute.

Kim has continued to do her piece for peace by empowering students, teachers and schools to explore what their small piece is and to do it. Under her direction, a Peace Committee was formed at her neighborhood school, which implemented programs that allowed students to find peace within themselves and to be agents for peace in their school, neighborhood and world. You can read about the accomplishments of these students on her blog.

Kim is the 2010 recipient of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize.  This honor included a trip to Oslo to be present at the Nobel Peace Prize events.  Click here to view Kim’s acceptance speech.

“Kim brings peace to the kids she works with by helping them reflect on their own ability to be peaceful, within themselves and with others. She encourages them to think and act both locally and globally.”

-Wynne Brown, Teacher

Click here to view Ms. Brown’s Nomination Speech of Kim for the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize

“Ms. Ebert-Colella motivates students to complete philanthropic projects and fundraisers, which have since become known as peace projects. Through these peace projects, Ms. Ebert-Colella emphasizes the importance of working toward peace while living peacefully in one’s everyday life.”


”Ebert-Colella is walking, working proof of what kindness can mean.”

–Kathleen Merryman, Tacoma News Tribune

Click here for the full article on Kim’s award