Client Testimonials

“As a life coach, Kim provided invaluable support for an intense writing project I had due this spring. Her editing skills and positive critique helped me complete something I had been procrastinating on for 6 months. Kim was able to quickly understand the complexity & multifaceted nature of my project and then provide intelligent & wise feedback. She also understood my learning styles and was very effective in adapting things to my learning challenges & ADD. She is a fantastic coach who held me accountable until I achieved my goals! I highly recommend Kim to anyone working on anything in their life! Kim is a rockstar!!!”

-MB Weaver

“Transformative. That is how I would describe my journey with Kim. She truly is a birthing duala and helped me to bring my spirit more fully into this world. The retreat was the most incredible and touching experiences in my life. I felt I became more fully alive and awakened into the beauty and awe of this world and universe. She has cultivated within me a sense of awareness that I never thought possible. And I feel so much more connected, grounded, and completely present in the moment. Kim has a gift. I am eternally grateful.”

– Katrina

“I first met Kim several years ago when I had my first-ever massage.  It was a difficult time in my life with huge stresses that were taking their toll on my body.  A co-worker raved about the “experience” she had in having a massage.  I went thinking I was going for my body.  Little did I realize that it would be the beginning of a long and rewarding journey into learning about the connection between my body, mind and spirit.

While I soon learned that Kim was talented massage therapist, she is so much more than that.  I found that Kim brought to her work an amazing respect for each person’s own healing power.  She has a deep respect for all beliefs  and for the gifts that each of us brings to life.

Kim has three qualities that continually amaze me:

  1. She is the most grounded person I have ever known.  She continually works to know herself deeply and to learn from many different belief systems.  And she has an uncanny ability to help others know themselves.
  2. She has a very special gift of manifesting (drawing to her life) experiences that enhance  her values.  She teaches people to create their own vision boards then to translate those visions into action through manifestation wheels.
  3. She lives her value system like no one else I’ve ever known.  Her belief in peace translated into a Disco Party for Peace (manifesting her son’s vague dream), leading the effort to make her son’s school the first international peace school in Tacoma, and most recently a school and a community-wide celebration on Earth Day, culminating in her being awarded the peace prize by the Sons of Norway.

Kim accepts people whoever they are and at whatever level he or she seeks healing help.  Over the years I have been blessed by Kim’s massages, her encouragement to pursue many opportunities to learn more about myself, her ability to teach what could be complex concepts  so they came alive for me, a facilitator for a weight loss group, and most recently as a life coach.  She truly serves as a guide to me during the most difficult and most joyous times of my life.

If you are looking for someone who

        • truly listens to your needs
        • has absolute trust in your ability to make healthy choices for yourself
        • lives her life in ways that stay true to her most deeply held beliefs and helps you do the same.

I know you will find Kim to be an amazing healer and guide.

-Denese B.